MBUK October issue 2018 out now!

October 2018 issue on sale now!

This month's MBUK will light up your life, with a grouptest of trail riding lights, as well as inspiration and how-to tips coming into night riding season. We also delve behind the scenes at three of the year's biggest events – the DH World Champs, Red Bull Hardline and Ard Rock Enduro.

Going for gold

You’ve watched the race, you’ve seen the superstar riders standing atop the podium, but there’s a lot that goes on in the lead-up to a championships-winning performance. We join British Cycling track analyst Rich Thomas at this year’s DH World Champs in Lenzerheide, Switzerland, where he gives us the inside scoop on how the GB Cycling Team operates – who does what, the way in which this unique event gels the riders together, and how they all prepare for the biggest race of the season.

Rachel Atherton celebrates winning her 5th world championship
Rachel Atherton celebrates winning her fifth world championship. We find out more about the team behind this historic win. Pic: Dan Griffiths

In the bear’s den

Features Editor Ed visits Whistler-based Chromag to find out how this brand are connected with the local scene and mix work and pleasure in one of the world’s best biking areas.

Features Ed. Ed, visits Chromag, the brand from the heart of Whistler.
Factory touring, riding and partying with Chromag, a brand who are at the heart of the Whistler scene. Photo: Brandon Purdy

Ard Rock Life

We go between the tapes and behind the scenes at the UK’s biggest enduro and discover from the people involved what makes this event so special.

We show you the behind-the-scenes story of the people involved with the 'Ardrock Enduro and those who come to tackle it.
We find out who makes the Ard Rock what it is, from the organisers to the marshals, the old-timers to the fresh faces. Photo: Mick Kirkman

Two-grand trail slayers

Four full-sussers costing just over the £2k mark are given the Wrecked & Rated treatment. Can Whyte’s UK design flair and traditional bike shop sales model triumph against the direct-sales giants YT, Canyon and Radon?

Four two-grand trail bikes tested bar to bar and head to head. Photo: Mick Kirkman
Four two-grand trail bikes tested bar to bar and head to head. Photo: Mick Kirkman

Light brigade

As the nights draw in, we put 15 high-value and high-power lights to the test to find out which ones will shine through the coming winter nights and which might leave you stranded in the woods!

We show you the best lights to brighten up your night rides.
We show you the best lights to brighten up your night rides. Pic: Mick Kirkman

Hardline just got harder

Just how big and intimidating is the Red Bull Hardline course? We bring you the numbers behind the features that scare the world’s best downhillers.

Gee Atherton launching the final sender at the Red Bull Hardline
Gee Atherton launching the massive final sender at the Red Bull Hardline. Pic: Red Bull Content Pool

Free gift!

This month we bring you ‘MBUK’s ultimate guide to kids’ bikes’, giving you the best info on bikes, kit and where to ride, so you can get out and inspire your future shredders.

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