Ae Forest

Ae Forest

Ae Forest is a legendary downhill race venue and there are two DH tracks – one natural and tech, and the other more jumpy and flowing. It also has three XC loops – a green, a blue and a red, the latter of which is a challenging one, at 24km. With such a varied blend of trails for both beginners and more experienced riders, along with a new uplift service, Ae has something for everyone.

The trails:

Ae Valley (9km, Green)

Larch View (13.5km, Blue)

This blue-graded trail combines forest roads with singletrack. It’s an ideal step up from the green route and includes some sections of boardwalk.


Ae Line (24km, Red)

The red trail takes you high up onto the side of the valley before dropping back down again. The climb is tough, with 22 switchbacks, but the grin-inducing final descent packed with jumps, drop-offs and tabletops is the reward.

The Shredder (1km, Orange)

A DH run for beginners, this is a good taster for newbies to the sport, with big berms, fast corners, jumps and off-camber sections

Ae Downhill (1.6km, Orange)

This rough, fast and technical track has a bit of everything, from huge berms and jumps to big rock gardens and steep sections.

Who’s it good for?

Beginners: 3/3

Intermediate: 3/3


Advanced: 3/3


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Contact information:

Ae Village, DG1 1QB – Directions