Located near the coast, Dalbeattie has a great range of tracks given that there isn’t a huge amount of elevation to be found. The most famous feature is a 14m-high lump of granite called The Slab – venture onto the red-graded Hardrock trail and you’ll soon find yourself rolling down it. The expanses of rock really define the riding here.

The trails:

Taster Loop (4km, Blue)

Taster Loop (4km, Red)

Ironhash (11.5km, Green)

This trail is an easy ride into the forest. It’s fairly flat and ideal for beginners who want to get a feel for what mountain biking has to offer. Mostly on forest roads, it does include two small sections of singletrack.


Moyle Hill (14km, Blue)

While not that technical, the blue trail is a good introduction to riding on the granite that’s so prevalent in these parts. The loop is a reasonable length and allows you to take in some great views along the way.

Hardrock (25km, Red)

The Hardrock is a classic red route, with plenty of singletrack and some challenging black-graded features. The rocky surface is still really grippy in the wet, but watch your lines on the lumps of granite.

Who’s it good for?

Beginners: 2/3

Intermediate: 3/3


Advanced : 3/3


Bike Wash

Key features:


Contact information:

Dalbeattie, DG5 4QU – Directions