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Haldon Forest

It may be just a stone’s throw from the M5, but this woodland mountain bike sanctuary succeeds in making you feel like you’ve been transported to deepest, darkest Devon. There are several waymarked trails, as well as some off-piste singletrack if you know where to look. The red-graded Ridge Ride begins with a flat and then downhill start, at odds with many UK trail centres. It’s great fun, but make sure you’re warmed up first – you can do this in the skills area by the car park.

The trails:

Discovery (2.4km, Green)

A well-surfaced route for beginners and families. Walkers use this trail too, so be aware.


Spicers (3.7km, Blue)

This trail is one step up from the green, with some narrower sections and gentle gradients.

Kiddens (6.4km, Blue)

The next progression from the Spicers trail. There are greater challenges here, in terms of both gradient and terrain.

Ridge Ride (9.6km, Red)

This would be more aptly described as a pink trail rather than a red. The not-too-difficult singletrack that weaves through the trees is fun and flowy, and the downhill start away from the car park is a welcome change too. There’s a black-graded 1km option – the Ridge Ride Extreme, a technical loop with more difficult trail obstacles.

Skills/Pump Track (Purple)

The skills area is designed to give a taster of the features you’ll find out on the marked trails. The pump track is a decent length and lots of fun.

Who’s it good for?

Beginners: 3/3

Intermediate: 2/3


Advanced: 1/3


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Contact information:

Haldon Forest, County Durham, EX6 7XR – Directions