Peaty rides Wharncliffe. Photo: Steve Behr

10 free MTB films to stave off isolation boredom

There's only so many TV reruns you can watch in one day...

With nearly the whole world cooped up inside right now to limit the spread of coronavirus, we figured we’d try to stop you going stir crazy and keep the stoke alive by compiling a list of 10 top MTB films that you can watch online for free. A mix of dusty old classics, MBUK favourites and some of the best recent releases. Put the kettle on, sit back and enjoy…


1. Won’t Back Down

The life story of an absolute living legend. If you watch one film from this list then this should be it!

2. 50/01 Forward Sideways

Josh Bryceland and co doing their thing with bucketloads of style and creativity.

3. Sprung 1 – 5

Anyone who rode bikes through the late ’90s and 2000s will no doubt have had a Sprung VHS and watched it until the tape wore out. More than just getting us buzzing to ride, this iconic video series from Alex Rankin laid out a blueprint for nearly the perfect MTB film. And all the soundtracks are killer too!

4. Tea & Biscuits

Rowdy, raucous and rough-cut, this new release is the epitome of down-and-dirty British riding.

5. The Collective

Released in 2004, Anthill Films’ debut ushered in a new level of cinematography to MTB filmmaking. Sixteen years later and it’s still just as good.

6. I Just Want To Ride

Marvel at the dedication of endurance racer Lael Wilcox as she aims to break the record for one of the world’s toughest bikepacking challenges.

7. 3 Minute Gaps

A masterclass in how to ride a downhill bike, brought to you by some of the best World Cup racers on the planet.

8. The Moment

A lesson in freeride history, filled with head-nodding hucks, teetering ladder bridges and tales of bike riding madness. Watch the trailer below and the full film here.

9. From here to there

Chris Akrigg is indisputably one of the most unique and exciting people to watch ride a bike. This is his biography…

10. TT3D: Closer to the Edge

OK, it’s not mountain biking, but this documentary about the Isle of Man TT showcases one of the most impressive feats of two-wheeled riding you’ll ever see.


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