MBUK issue 362: Behind the cover

Behind the cover: issue 362

Leaders of the pack: Yeti's SB150 takes pride of place on this month's cover, to showcase our big test of six of the hottest 2019 bikes

Issue number: 362


Date: November 2018

Rider: Mike Newbould

Bike: Yeti SB150 TURQ Series X01 Eagle

Trail/location: Pateley Bridge, North Yorkshire

Photographer: Mick Kirkman

Mick's original shot, and how it looks on the cover
Mick’s original shot (right), and how it looks on the cover

Getting the shot

Mick describes how he snapped this killer shot and bagged himself his second cover on the trot:

“This image was taken at some old mine workings on the moors, near Pateley Bridge. We took a shovel up there and built two different kickers in the scree, one about 4ft high, one about 5ft high, and both with hipped take-offs so Mike could get a better shape. By the time we’d finished digging, the light was fading and it had started spitting with rain, so we had to go back a second time. We met at 4pm, which I thought would give us enough time before sunset, but I realised soon after that the sun would go down behind the hill at about 5.30pm, right at the position where our lip was, so it turned into a mad rush to get a few goes at it. 

“I needed to use proper lights to fire enough light onto Mike, because regular flashes aren’t powerful enough to freeze the rider and overpower the sun on brighter days out in the open. It was also windy as hell (not ideal for Mike!) so I had to use rocks to stabilise the tripods and stop them falling over. It turned out that the smaller lip caught the light more and the sky looked better so we shot on that until it went dark. After that we went to the pub for a pint, cos it was bloody freezing!”

A couple of B-roll options
A couple of B-roll options


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