Issue number: 364


Date: January 2018

Rider: Joe Barnes

Bike: Canyon Torque 9.0 Team

Trail/location: Witch's World Champs lower, Nevis Range, Fort William

Photographer: Brodie Hood

Here's the photo before and after it made it to the cover. Photo: Brodie Hood
Here's the photo before and after it made it onto the cover. Photo: Brodie Hood

Getting the shot

What better way to show off some muddy winter fun on beautiful Scottish trails than with a well-timed, water-spraying puddle splash? Fort William local and Dudes of Hazzard pinner Joe Barnes nailed the ride, while photographer Brodie Hood produced the killer shot.

The run-in to this corner was a steep, wet and rutted drop into a tight left-hand berm. Water had filled the trough, and on the exit was an awkward step off a right-hand drop. We never planned for it to be a cover shot – this was the Wrecking Crew gone wild. Riders Lachlan Blair, Fergus Lamb, Liam Moynihan and Joe himself needed no encouragement to discover who could make the biggest splash, with each taking it in turns to try and empty the puddle.

Fergus tweaked an ankle, and more than one rider discovered first-hand how soft the dirt was here. When you and your mates are pushing each other and laughing at each other's misfortunes, it's truly one of the greatest things about the sport.


Brodie was constantly encouraging the boys to keep trying, persevering with new angles and shots, and trying to be in the right place at the right time to perfectly capture the water being sprayed towards him. We think he got it just right and captured the moment brilliantly. This was one of those shots where fun and style walk hand-in-hand – something the Dudes of Hazzard are famous for – and it made the ideal cover for our 'wet and wild' themed issue, where we get stoked and soaked (see page 52 of the mag), to highlight the best ways to maximise your fun in the mud!

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Liam blast up a wave of muddy goodness. Photo: Brodie Hood
Liam whips up a wave of muddy goodness. Photo: Brodie Hood
Lachlan tries his best to make everything else but himself wet. Photo: Brodie Hood
Lachlan tries his best to soak everyone but himself. Photo: Brodie Hood
Fergus sends it into the mix. Photo: Brodie Hood


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