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In light of the developing situation surrounding the outbreak of COVID-19 (find out all about the impact that’s having on MTBing here), we wanted to keep you updated regarding the measures we’re taking to ensure we can continue to deliver your copy of Mountain Biking UK.


We’re working closely with our suppliers to make sure that business continues as usual.

However, in the event that there is significant disruption, we will communicate with you via email and messages on buysubscriptions.com. We’ll also put an announcement here on our website and on social media.

If we’re unable to deliver your magazine to you, we’ll extend your subscription free of charge, so you won’t lose out. Also, we’ll send you a complimentary digital edition so you can still enjoy the latest content.

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To ensure we can keep you updated on the latest developments, please visit buysubscriptions.com/email to register your email address, and complete and submit the form.

Given the work we’ve done with our suppliers, we aren’t expecting any disruption in service, but we wanted to let you know how we will communicate with you should we need to.

We appreciate your patience and we hope you continue to enjoy your magazine in these unprecedented times.

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