Specialized 2FO Clip 2.0 clipless shoes

If you thought downhill shoes had to be clumsy and cumbersome, think again. Specialized designed the 2FO Clip 2.0s with the likes of DH world champ Loïc Bruni in mind, and they tip the scales at a respectable 942g (UK43 with cleats).


Racing isn’t all they’re good for though. The soles are stiff enough for decent power transfer without losing feel or feedback from the pedals, and they’re some of the comfiest shoes we’ve tested.

While the upper offers decent splash protection, it also dries quickly if it does soak through. The padded ankle collar and toebox should keep your feet safe when sending it.

Last but not least, Specialized’s ‘Landing Strip’ cleat pocket lets you run your cleats even further back than on the previous 2FO Clips, boosting control and reducing leg fatigue on long runs.

Pricing: £140

Distributor: www.specialized.com

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MBUK Most Wanted 2020

About MBUK's Most Wanted (2020)

For the January issue of Mountain Biking UK magazine we put together a glossy guide to our Most Wanted gear for 2020, containing some of the most incredible, highly desirable mountain bike kit on the market. It seemed a shame not to share it with our website users, so now we’re posting each category online too.

The selection process wasn’t easy. We were determined to pick products that genuinely stood out, so just narrowing down the categories was hard. Then our test team discussed the pros and cons of each bit of kit that had been shortlisted – and had some heated debates over which should make it in!

You can rest assured that all of our Most Wanted gear has been given this accolade for good reason. It’s either performed amazingly in our tests (in which case we’ve provided links to the original review) or, in the case of just-released kit, has wowed us on the trails during initial rides and shown huge potential.


Cast an eye over the gear and you’ll notice that a lot of it doesn’t come cheap. That’s because these are our Most Wanted products, and not necessarily the parts and accessories that represent the best value for money. We know that not all readers will be able to afford them, but think they’re worth showcasing. Firstly, because they show just how far MTB kit has come. But also because innovation and improvements at the top end of the market inevitably trickle down to lower price points within a couple of years, for the rest of us to enjoy.