MBUK's Technical Editor Rob Weaver testing on the 2018 Santa Cruz Nomad at Bike Park Wales

Santa Cruz Nomad and GoPro 6 camera tested at BikePark Wales – video

We get our grubby mitts on GoPro's latest camera and give it a whirl at our favourite bike park

Autumn is an exciting time of year, because not only are the trails in perfect condition, but we start to get our hands on all the new 2018 products. With both the new Santa Cruz Nomad and GoPro’s Hero 6 camera landing in the office last week, we thought we’d escape our desks for the morning to test them both out with a quick blast at BikePark Wales.


You can read our full review of the Santa Cruz Nomad in our ‘Key bikes’ test, coming in Issue 349 (on sale 7th November)

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