The GT Bicycles Malverns Classic 2018 is all set to be an unmissable mountain bike weekend festival over 15-17 June. As well as all the great race action you can get involved in (although hurry, as entries are selling out fast!) and plenty of fun activities you and the family can take part in, there will be a whole host of recognisable faces and legends from the world of mountain biking enjoying the weekend too.


For the full weekend rundown, head to the Malverns website, and if you want to get hold of an exclusive 10% MBUK ticket discount, click here – but you'd better be quick, as the offer is for a limited time only!

To get you in the mood for what's going to be a bangin' weekend, here are some of the big names you can expect to see, chat to and hopefully get a selfie with at this year's festival…


Josh Bryceland

Santa Cruz downhill rider Josh Bryceland on top of his barge
Watch Josh Bryceland in action over the weekend and generally being as chilled out as he appears here on the roof of his houseboat (Photo: Steve Behr)

Former Santa Cruz Syndicate team member and general mountain biking wild boy Josh Bryceland needs little introduction, with a Junior World Championships title to his name, as well as the men's DH World Cup overall win in 2014.

He's going to be hanging out with some of the 50:01 crew, and rumour has it they'll be releasing some new 50:01 Fabric grips over the weekend. Plus he's just confirmed that he'll be racing the dual slalom, enduro, quad eliminator and downhill. So get set for a wild weekend of 'Ratboy' action!


Hans Rey

Trials rider Hans Rey with hall of fame trophy
Perhaps the most famous mountain biker in the world – Hans is a true mountain biking legend. (Photo: Steve Behr)

The godfather of mountain bike trials riding, Hans has been riding MTBs for pretty much as long as they've been around and really made a name for himself in the '90s, hopping and popping his way round everything on his way to some mega sponsorship deals.

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Hans understood the importance of marketing himself way before it became commonplace and super-easy via social media. He's still as active on a mountain bike as ever, seeking new riding adventures across the world with some of the best riders on the planet and promoting his Wheels for Life charity.


Wyn Masters

Portrait shot of Wyn Masters
Expect plenty of wild times and riding with Wyn Masters in town


The Kiwi downhill and enduro star is as famous for his loud and lairy World Cup pit interviews as his insane riding style on the track. You can be sure that, whatever else is going on over the weekend, Wyn will make it one to remember. There may even be a few of his signature wheelies thrown in to boot.


Will Longden

Will Longden in the Saracen pit tent
Will was team manager for MBUK for more years than he cares to remember and now looks after Madison Saracen. (Photo: Steve Behr)

Will was MBUK's very own race team rider and manager for over 10 years, competing in both 4X and downhill, and nurturing a whole host of famous names through the ranks and onto the road to success. There’s not much of the mountain bike scene that Will hasn't seen or been part of somewhere along the line. Look out for him riding in the MBUK Legends DH race on the Sunday.


Martin Hawyes

UK Trials riding legend Martin Hawyes
A big player in building the profile of UK mountain biking, Hawziee was an MBUK regular too

With his friend Martyn Ashton, Martin Hawyes helped launch the success of trials riding in the UK and was instrumental in taking mountain biking to the masses. 'Hawziee' was a regular in MBUK throughout the '90s, with a lighthearted approach to photo sessions, demos and videos. His skill, strength and control on a bike earnt him the respect and admiration of fans in those formative years.