Epic mountains and amazing riding – it must be Canada! Credit: Garret Van Swearingen

Traharn Chidley’s 5 reasons to ride the Trans BC Enduro – video

Canada's Trans BC Enduro is an amazing, epic race. Here, expat racer Traharn Chidley explains why...

The Trans BC Enduro is one of mountain biking’s gnarliest events. Spanning six days and 18okm and featuring around 9,000m of climbing, it’s no walk in the park! While the downhill stages are raced against the clock, the ‘liaison’ climbs are untimed, but with up to 1,800 meters of vertical ascent per day, it’s still a massive challenge!


 You’ll test your limits


The racing pushed me to the limit physically, technically and mentally. But I got to ride with my brother and friends, and explore incredible parts of the world I wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

The hike-a-bike sections were tough! Credit: Garret Van Swearingen
The hike-a-bike sections were tough! Credit: Garret Van Swearingen

 It’s one gnarly ride


The Trans BC Enduro is super-gnarly, with big, hard days on the bike. The first corner of stage one set the tone and confirmed how hard this race was going to be and left me well and truly on my toes for the rest of the week.

Fresh, amazing trails. Traharn loved the Trans BC Enduro! Credit: Garret Van Swearingen
Traharn loved the fresh, amazing trails she got to ride on the Trans BC Enduro. Credit: Garret Van Swearingen

 There’s plenty of saddle time


It means you can spend loads of time on your bike! I rode for up to eight hours a day and every single descent was long, technical and had the added challenge of not having a clue where the trail was going!

Completing the Trans BC Enduro is quite a mean feat! Credit: Garret Van Swearingen
Completing the Trans BC Enduro is no mean feat! Credit: Garret Van Swearingen

 You’ll experience stoke aplenty!


The views at the tops of the trails were mesmerising. When we reached the summit of every climb we were overwhelmed with stoke and feelings of accomplishment.

It's a family affair! Credit: Garret Van Swearingen
It’s a family affair… Traharn rode with her brother, Joel. Credit: Garret Van Swearingen

 The racing is intense!


Neither myself or Joel had ever done so much consistently intense riding. With butt-clenching descents, torturous climbs, epic views, a touch of sunstroke and awesome people, it was the perfect recipe for an incredible week. If it wasn’t for the race, I’d never have experienced half the stuff I did, which is the exact reason why I love these events.

Traharn's brother, Joel, was with her every step of the way. Credit: Garret Van Swearingen
Joel was with Traharn every step of the way! Credit: Garret Van Swearingen

Check out Traharn’s video from the Trans BC Enduro here. It’s a long one, so grab a cup of tea!

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