It’s been a long time coming, but we now have our own dedicated MBUK video team, who’ll be posting unmissable MTB content on BikeRadar’s YouTube channel every week.


Our former staff writer and noted whip fanatic Will Soffe will be heading things up, accompanied by pro videographer Max Wilman, who’s as handy on a bike as he is behind the lens.

You can expect to see regular appearances from the rest of the team, too, along with some big names from the world of MTBing.

The first video goes live on Wednesday 15 March. Check out the teaser now!

Upcoming content

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the videos that'll be live on the channel soon...

Surrey’s rowdiest singletrack

If our feature in MBUK 417 whetted your appetite, then don’t miss A Lap With… Olly Wilkins, where Odub shows us around his local Surrey Hills trails, in the first of a new series.

The Revolution’s over

Gutted by the news that Revolution Bike Park was to close, we headed up to North Wales to get the full lowdown – and enjoy some farewell laps at this legendary venue.

Mullet mania!

Will loves mixing wheel sizes so much that he’s ‘mulleted’ all his bikes. But why? And is it something you should think about doing, too?

Tales from the trails

We head to Dyfi Bike Park for a video Trail Crew feature where the world-beating Atherton siblings show us how to shred their home tracks.

Mountain biking worldwide

All the latest highlights, news, tech and opinions from across the sport, delivered in inimitable MBUK style.

Introducing the team

Will Soffe. Pic: Steve Behr

Will Soffe, presenter

Moustachioed air ace Will worked as a mechanic and suspension technician for the likes of Atherton Racing, Fox suspension, British Cycling and others before joining MBUK, so he knows a thing or two about bikes and how to ride them.


Max Wilman

Max Wilman, videographer

Before joining the BikeRadar video team, Max enjoyed the cushy life of an overseas bike guide and then photographer. When he’s not staring down the barrel of the lens, he can be found trail building, riding laps or working on converting his big yellow van.



Where can I watch this?

We'll be posting a new video every Wednesday at Stay tuned!


James Costley-White
James Costley-WhiteEditor, Mountain Biking UK magazine

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