The MBUK Great British hardtail

We’re building a bike and we want your opinions!

We've ridden and tested hundreds of bikes, but never one that we actually made ourselves. Introducing MBUK's Great British Hardtail – our project to design, build and ride our very own mountain bike

We’ve set out on a mission to build what we believe is the ultimate UK hardtail. Pooling our collective knowledge from years of testing bikes, combined with the expertise of the Somerset-based frame-building school The Bicycle Academy, our aim is to design and construct a frame that’s perfect for Great British riding.


Not only are we making the frame, we’ll then be continuing the patriotic theme with the build. Our plan is to deck the bike out with the finest array of UK-designed and/or made parts that we can find. And once that’s sorted, we’re going riding on it! We’ll be exploring some of the greatest riding our island has to offer, as well as thoroughly testing the bike, finding its limits and ultimately seeing if it achieved our original goal.

These three individual stages will be covered by a series of features in the magazine, starting with the design and build process in our March issue (on sale 21st February).


But we want your input too!

What do you see as the epitome of ‘The Great British Hardtail’? What type of riding do you think a hardtail should excel at? How would you want it to ride? What should it be made of, and what sort of geometry and tech trends would you want to see? Let us know by filling in the poll below!