World Cup DH round 1- Track previews from Lošinj, Croatia

The UCI Downhill World Cup kicks off this weekend on the Croatian island of Lošinj- this is what you can expect from the track

World Cup downhill racing…it’s about watching the best bike handlers on the planet, tackle the wildest descents around the globe. Whilst that is true, it could be argued that a race series should test every aspect of the a racer’s skill and it’s important to throw in a few curve balls. A lot has been said, both good and bad, about the new venue for round one of the 2018 season- the harsh rocky terrain of the track’s upper slopes, contrasting with a concrete walled urban sprint to the finish.


We’re not going to pass judgement until the race has happened, but in the meantime we’ve spoken to two guys who’ve raced there in the past- previous winner Markus Pekoll and Brit racer Josh Lowe (pictured above) and you can read their thoughts about the track in the in the May issue of the mag (on sale 19th April). In the mag too, we give our predictions for who we think will be standing on the box, come Sunday 22nd. Do you agree or disagree?

But before we get into the action, here is the track, filmed in two perspectives. A headcam from YT Industries’ Angel Suarez and trackside footage of Jernej Cokan:

The Specialized team have been testing (getting some sneaky practice in) over in Croatia and this is what they’ve got to say:


Watch the racing as it happens or on the replay at Red Bull TV