The new issue of MBUK is on sale now and this month we bring you a every special edition. To celebrate our Scotland Special we've welcomed trials riding superstar Danny MacAskill to take control of MBUK as guest editor for the month.

Danny Macaskill hopping on a bollard near water
Danny MacAskill hops onto the cover of the latest MBUK

Danny's long been a self-confessed fan of MBUK and tells us it was reading the mag as a kid that first inspired him to ride bikes. Growing up on the Isle of Skye, MBUK was his monthly portal to the biking world, reading about the likes of Martyn Ashton and Martin Hawyes. Just look at the success it has catapulted him to – culminating in what now must surely be the pinnacle of his career, eh Danny?

Danny Macaskiil casual posed on bike
Danny says he was inspired to ride bikes by reading MBUK when he was younger

Danny took us for a trip round some of his favourite riding spots near Edinburgh and wowed us with his skills (not to mention the size of his cojones) as he leapt off and over things we wouldn't even walk near without some very secure safety equipment. We learnt a lot hanging out with him, perhaps most notably how down to earth he is considering his worldwide fame.

If you're looking for the best places to ride in Scotland, then we've selected 10 of our favourite wild and rugged locations for big days in the saddle. It was a tough pick with such an abundance of amazing landscapes to choose from.

Big mountain shot of riding at Kintail in Scotland
Kintail in Scotland is prime for epic adventures away from the crowds

Plus, we hooked up with that slightly eccentric band of riders, The Dudes of Hazzard. Known for their full-on riding style and quirky video edits, we wanted to find out what makes them tick, so tracked them down to a remote hut somewhere deep in the Scottish wilderness during the off season to find out more.

E-bikes never fail to stir up a whole bunch of conflicting opinion so we though it was about time we tested a few in a bid to understand more about their capabilities and what their place is in the mountain bike world. The results are pretty interesting and changed a few (but not all) of our minds.

Jump shot of e-mountain bike
Six e-bikes got a proper MBUK thrashing to see if they're ever really going to take off for most mountain bikers

The test team also look at the best trail helmets, six of the best chain guides, Fox's new Proframe helmet, SRAM's GX DH 1x7 transmission and more - so make sure you read before you spend your hard-earned cash.

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And if you're looking to improve your mountain biking skills, this month learn how to bunnyhop with guest editor Danny MacAskill, tackle deep ruts, find your flow on singletrack and the quicker way to improve your fitness.

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