This month's MBUK is a freeride frenzy! We go backstage at Red Bull Rampage, show you how to jump like Red Bull star Matt Jones and find out how women riders are pushing the boundaries of the sport.


Our test team have put waterproof jackets and winter jerseys through the wringer to help you defy grey skies, plus we've got four trail-ripping £1,500 hardtails in our Biketest.

Add new launches from Santa Cruz, Specialized, Canyon, Trek and more, plus a Big Ride in Wiltshire and a visit to Cornwall's The Track, and it's a must-read, as always!

Backstage at Rampage

It's as epic as it gets, but how does it happen? Photo: Red Bull Content Pool

Red Bull Rampage is the biggest, craziest event on the MTB calendar. We head out to the sun-scorched desert landscape of Utah to see how this festival of freeride comes together – from build crews and line design to those jaw-dropping runs that have us on the edge of our seats.

Mine craft

Hannes finds the limits of freeride in the mines of Austria. Photo: Ryan McCreary

Hannes Klausner is an Austrian pro snowboarder turned mountain biker. In his quest to find the best freeride in his homeland, he's truly left the powder behind as he gets creative in abandoned mines and quarries. Join us to discover how Hannes is pushing his limits on two wheels.

The dirt farmer

Sam Hodgson brings a slice of BC back home to the Isle of Wight. Photo: Steve Behr

We hop over the Solent and hit up the Isle of Wight Mountain Bike Centre alongside its insanely talented co-founder, Sam Hodgson. This slopestyle pro has created the ultimate backyard bike park on his family's farm on the Island. Here's how he did it – and why.

How to send it with style

Matt Jones and Chopper touch the ground long enough to share the secrets of jumping. Photo: Steve Behr

In this month's how-to guide, we show you how take your jumping to the next level. And who better to swoop in and share their expert knowledge than Matt Jones and Grant 'Chopper' Fielder? These two pros lay down the foundations that will have you jumping higher and further than ever before.

More like this

Trail-ripping hardtails

Four trail-ready hardtails ridden hard. Photo: Andy Lloyd

For our Biketest this issue we've put four affordable, trail-ready hardtails through the wringer. Can these rigid steeds compete with their squishier siblings, and which is the most deserving of your hard-earned dosh?

Waterproof jackets on test

A dozen waterproofs reviewed in this issue. Photo: Russell Burton

We've put 12 outer layers to the test to find the best rainproof clobber to keep the winter weather on the outside. These waterproof jackets have been tested for waterproofing, breathability, cut, fit and comfort, so you won't be left damp and miserable on wintry rides.

And that's not all…

Five Ten's new GORE-TEX Trailcross shoes.

This issue of MBUK is jam-packed with all the latest and greatest bikes, product reviews and news stories from the mountain biking world. We've got new bikes from Rocky Mountain, Giant, Specialized and Trek, along with pages of product reviews that include Five Ten's Trailcross GORE-TEX waterproof flat-pedal shoes. Plus, discover incredible riding in Wiltshire and Cornwall's The Track dirt jump park.

Free gift

MBUK 2022 calendar
Don't miss your free 2022 calendar! Photo: Julia Broussier

It's our December issue, and that means the triumphant return of our beloved MBUK calendar! Adorn your wall with some of the most stylish and inspiring photos from the mountain biking world, and ensure you don't miss out on the key MTB dates in 2022. Be sure not to miss your free calendar, included with every print copy of the mag.

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