This issue, we show you how to nail the basic skills that make the pros so good, test £1,600 full-suspension bikes and catch up with Rob Warner for an exclusive interview about the end to his World Cup commentating and more.


We hear about the birth of the sport from the people who were there, find out what it's like to ride on an active volcano and rate the latest hard-hitting enduro forks and winter boots.

Plus, every issue comes with a 44-page e-bike guide!

How to do it like the pros!

How to own the trails like the pros and up your game! Photo: Ross Bell

The best riders are so good because they’ve got the basics absolutely nailed, says pro coach Alan Milway. In this issue's How To guide, Alan shows you the best techniques that the pros employ to rise above the rest – and how you can apply them to your riding.

Enduro forks on test

The burliest and best enduro forks on test. Photo: Andy Lloyd

Suspension forks are one of the most important parts of a bike. They have a massive influence on performance, contributing to handling, comfort and control. As such, they’re often the first big upgrade riders buy, so picking the right one is essential. We suss out the best long-travel front suspension options for the wildest rides.

£1,600 trail bikes

Four affordable trail slayers put through their paces. Photo: Andy Lloyd

This may be a 'budget' Biketest, but 1,600 quid is still no small spend – so what’s out there for that kind of cash, and which bikes deserve your money? We've put four affordable trail rippers through their paces to find out.

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Whole lotta lava

Riding the active volcano Mount Etna in search of the best lava line! Photo: Christoph Breiner

Hannes Klausner sets out in search of the world’s longest non-stop lava line – and finds it on the slopes of active volcano Mount Etna.

Quip-off world champ!

Face to face with the legend of MTB, Rob Warner. Photo: Red Bull

King of the one-liner Rob Warner commentates on his racing career, time on the World Cup mic and plans for the future in an exclusive interview with Will Soffe.

The OGs of MTB

Meet the OG heroes of the sport! Photo: Dan Milner

They came, they saw, they shredded! Steve Thomas meets the forefathers of the sport – Joe Breeze, Wende Cragg, Tom Ritchey, Charlie Kelly and Gary Fisher.

And that's not all…

The Trail Crew check out Flyup 417 Bike Park. Photo: Nick Bentley

This issue of MBUK is jam-packed with all the latest and greatest bikes, product reviews and news stories from the mountain biking world. We've got new bikes from Orbea and Scott, along with pages of product reviews that include Fox's Proframe RS full-face helmet. Plus, check out our Trail Crew report from Flyup 417 Bike Park, and the best night rides in Big Ride.

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Photo: James Blackwell

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