This month in MBUK magazine, we test four cross-country hardtails, find out the best clipless trail shoes money can buy and discover great British riding in the Tweed Valley, Exmoor, the Yorkshire Dales and more. On top of this, we've got a showcase of the works of photographer Sam Needham, first-ride reviews of new bikes from Lapierre, Vitus and Propain, and the lowdown on all the latest kit in Wrecked and Rated. Plus we bring you our ultimate guide to getting your bike dialled – because now's the perfect time to sort out all those little issues!


Pulse-pounding XC bikes

Our resident technical editor and cross-country hard-nut Tom Marvin puts the power down on four carbon-fibre XC hardtails. Which of these bikes from Specialized, Cube, Merida and Canyon comes out a potential podium-topper?

We put four XC race machines head-to-head to see which heads up the pack. Photo: Russell Burton

Clipless trail shoes on test

Fifteen pairs of clipless trail shoes to pump the pedals and stomp the trails in. Read our grouptest to find out which ones take it in their stride and which are left in the dirt.

We review 15 pairs of clipless trail shoes in this month's Grouptest. Photo: Andy McCandlish

Exmoor without the beasting

South West England's Exmoor National Park is home to some great mountain biking, but also some gruelling climbs. We head down there to try a new uplift-assisted guiding service that aims to fix that, taking riders straight to the top of the area's best descents.

We tame the wilds of Exmoor – hopefully without any big cats! Photo: Andy Lloyd

Into ungraded territory

Scotland's Tweed Valley boasts a fearsome reputation for its steep, technical riding. But should it put you off visiting? Pro coach Aneela McKenna thinks not, and aims to prove it as she leads a group of MTB newbies into the unknown.

A group of Tweed Valley virgins are led into the unknown. Do they live to tell the tale? Photo: Andy McCandlish

Yorkshire Dales Big Ride

Our man of maps, Max Darkins, heads to the Yorkshire Dales to lay out a top riding route. Rocky trails and ruined mining buildings make up this bracing, beautiful ride in one of England's great unspoilt landscapes.

More like this
Ruined mining buildings make a good shelter from the icy wind, as well as a pleasant picnic spot. Photo: Russell Burton

Haldon Forest Park Trail Crew

We check out Haldon Forest Park near Exeter, Devon's main MTB trail centre. And what's more, we're accompanied by pro rider Ben 'Deakinator' Deakin. OiOi!

Ben Deakin certainly knows how to maximise the fun. Photo: Ian Lean

And that's not all…

This issue of MBUK is jam-packed with all the latest and greatest bikes, product reviews and news stories from the mountain biking world. There are first rides of Lapierre's Overvolt e-bike, Vitus's Mythique and Propain's Tyee, and pages of product reviews that include Manitou's Mara rear shock.

Manitou's Mara rear shock, one of the products reviewed in this month's Wrecked and Rated. Photo: Andy Lloyd


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