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We’ve also got tips on getting fit for bigger rides or trips and sorting out skipping gears, plus tests of a whopping 40+ products, including tyre inserts and clipless shoes.

You can meet the MBUK-backed team targeting downhill domination, and find out about World Cup star Tahnée Seagrave’s injury struggles and drive to win.

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Smells like team spirit!

Meet the young guns of the GT Viris youth team. Photo: Sam Dugon

MBUK are back in the race scene! This year we are sponsoring the riders of the GT Viris youth team and in this special feature we get to know the young shredders poised to tear up the downhill circuit.

Tahnée Seagrave

Discover the ups, downs, thrills and spills of Tahnée Seagrave's career. Photo: Red Bull

Downhill superstar Tahnée Seagrave has had an incredible athletic career, landing herself on the podium time after time. But following a series of devastating injuries, Tahnée's life took a serious downturn. We tell the full story of how she climbed back up and regained her equilibrium, and how she continues to break down barriers in the world of mountain biking.

A world of contrasts

A fascinating adventure through Macedonia and Albania. Photo: Luke Jarmey

Photographer and adventurer Luke Jarmey assembled a motley crew of riders – including hollywood star Michel Biel – and headed off on their bikes to explore the historic geographic region of Macedonia. Riding knife-edge ridgetops, battling through bear-infested forests, sleeping in ancient castles and sampling the (incredibly strong) local booze, these likely lads did it all – and this is what happened.

Clipless shoes on test

Twelve pairs of the best clipless shoes on test. Photo: Russell Burton

When it comes to maximising the connection between your body and your bike, your shoes are a vital piece of equipment that can make or break your ride. So for this month's grouptest we’re looking at clipless (aka clip-in or SPD) shoes, and have put 12 pairs of the latest trail, all-mountain and enduro offerings through a gruelling testing process to find out which perform the best.

How to prep for a big weekend

Get your training regimen in order and prep for a big event. Photo: Andy Lloyd

Whether you’ve just signed up for an enduro race, arranged a weekend away with your riding mates or booked a holiday to the Alps, preparation is going to play a big part. We've enlisted the help of Vitus ambassador and strength coach Ben Plenge to reveal the best ways to plan and train for the big event.

More like this

BikePark Wales Trail Crew

We check out the newly opened trails at BikePark Wales. Photo: Steve Behr

For this issue's Trail Crew feature, we've hit up the UK's biggest mountain biking venue, BikePark Wales. This now-legendary park has recently expanded even further with brand-new trails, and the crew head out to see what they're all about, as well as to session some firm favourites.

And that's not all…

Fox's Float X Factory rear shock, reviewed this month in Wrecked and Rated.

This issue of MBUK is jam-packed with all the latest and greatest bikes, product reviews and news stories from the mountain biking world. We've got new bikes from Pivot, Canyon, Mondraker, Focus and On-One, along with pages of product reviews that include Fox's Float X Factory rear shock. Plus, discover a food-focused cafe cruise in the Surrey Hills!

Free gift

Don't miss your free 26-page beginner's guide to mountain biking. Photo: James Blackwell

There's never been a better time to get into the world of mountain biking and we've made it as easy as possible with our handy 26-page beginner's guide mini-mag, free with every print copy of the issue. Whether you're a newbie yourself or want to bring in a friend or family member, we've packed all the indispensable info into one handy package that will demystify the jargon help a beginner to choose their first steed and get them out on the trails.

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