417 Bike Park

417 Bike Park

Named after the nearby main road, Gloucestershire's 417 Bike Park is a veritable MTB playground. The rolling fields of this Cotswolds farm are filled with surfaced flow trails, rugged rock gardens and jumps, all of which are uplift-accessed. Besides the main trails, there's no shortage of airtime opportunities with 4X and dual slalom tracks, a field of dirt jumps and barns housing more dirt jumps and a tarmac pump track. This all makes the 417 Bike Park an ideal place to hone your skills.

The trails:

Cheese Roller (1.4km, Blue)

This run of well-sculpted berms, rollers and doubles will leave you grinning from ear to ear and queuing for another go. It’s fully surfaced, with no mud to be seen.


Igneous (1km, Red)

The jagged rocks of this technical manmade descent are waiting to catch you out if you put a foot wrong or don’t have enough wind behind your wheels.

Superfly (1km, Black)

With bigger drops and gaps that can’t be rolled, Superfly isn’t for the faint-hearted. Some good jumping and pumping skills are required to link together this run of progressively bigger jumps.

Who’s it good for?

Beginners: 3/3

Intermediate: 2/3


Advanced: 2/3


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Contact information:

417 Bike Park, GL3 4UF – Directions