MBUK's Everest challenge feature with a Cannondale e-bike

Riding Mt Everest in a day – video

Is it possible to climb (and descend) the equivalent height of Mt Everest in just 12 hours? Armed with an e-bike MBUK Features Editor Alex Evans took on the 8,848m challenge…

Have you ever wondered just what it takes to get up Mt Everest, the highest peak in the world? Maybe briefly – and for most of us that’s as far as it goes as we quickly realise the bleakness and life threatening potential of such an expedition. The closest we were ever going to get to such a challenge was tackling the equivalent height in an altogether less hostile environment. There’s even a term and a website dedicated to this practice – Everesting.


Now, Everesting wasn’t something our downhill-loving Features Editor Al was really chomping at the bit to do. So we decided to make life a little easier for him by giving him an e-bike to carry out the challenge on. Despite his trepidation, Al made it to the Pleney in Morzine, France to attempt the challenge and it turns out that even with some pedal assist action, this was no stroll in the park. Watch the video below and grab a copy of issue 348 to find out exactly how he got on…

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