Fort William World Cup 2017 highlights

Published: June 10, 2017 at 7:00 pm
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What made the Fort William World Cup 2017 so special

The biggest event of the year on our calendar, and for most UK mountain bike fans too, the Fort William World Cup never fails to leave us buzzing. This year we hit the Highlands full on, with a packed stand all weekend, as you guys flocked to buy limited edition T-shirts and water bottles and grab a signature or two from some of the top riders. Here are our highlights from the 2017 event...


1. The fans There’s no doubt about it, Fort William is a Mecca for UK mountain bike fans. Making the pilgrimage from far and wide, this World Cup staple wouldn’t be the same without the crowds. They’re famous for creating the electric and addictive atmosphere we’ve all come to love.

Huge crows at Fort William World Cup
Everyone (even Greg Minnaar) rejoicing at the excellent job done with the recycling over the weekend
The stands at finish line of Fort William world cup
Huge crowds get ready to shout loud as the riders come down the final stretch. Can you spot the Teletubbies?
Smartly dressed fans at Fort Bill
Lads on tour show their appreciation for 29ers
Fancy dress fans at Fort William world cup 2017
You're wandering down the hillside of Aonach Mor and you stumble across a couple of monks, obviously
man dressed as baked beans at Fort Bill world cup
Sometimes there are no need for words…
Fort Bill fans dressed as women...
These young ladies set pulses racing
Wayne's World fans at Fort WIlliam

2. The track As one of the most-visited venues on the World Cup circuit, the Fort Bill track is an absolute classic. It offers everything from flat-out rocky sections to slow, boggy technical parts, with a few massive jumps thrown in for good measure. Because of the lack of trees it’s pretty spectator friendly too. Make sure you’re hill-side when the world's best hurtle past!

The downhill track at Fort William
The iconic track on Aonach Mor – is this the toughest on the World Cup circuit?

3. The midgies What would Fort William be without the midgies? Well, in all honesty, probably a bit more bearable! Negativity aside, the midgies are a good gauge for how much fun (or trouble) you’ve been in over the weekend. If you’re not red raw and scratching for weeks following a weekend of racing or spectating, you’re either way too prepared or haven’t got wild enough!

Jimmer and Alex in midge net at Fort William
One of Jimmer and Al is hugely bothered by midgies, the other less so
Midges on a hand at Fort William
The midge repellent wasn't working so well this year

4. The weather You can rely on the weather gods of the Scottish Highlands to put on one hell of a show. If you’re looking for four seasons in four minutes, Fort Bill will deliver. We’ve seen snow, hail, rain, wind and sun work their magic on the track, and some riders testify that it runs better when it’s wet. But one thing's for sure – if the weather is varied you’re going to get some good racing!

Sunny spell at Fort WIlliam
The sun was a bit hit and miss this year. Even when it was out the threat of dark clouds was never far away
Dark clouds over Fort WIlliam crowds
Definite dampness in the air
poncho wearer at Fort William
Who cares about the rain when you have a poncho to keep you dry?
wet and muddy in the pits
Tracy Moseley led a group of riders out in blistering sunshine, before the weather turned nasty and they returned a bit damp, but still with big grins

5. The pits The pits at Fort William are a great opportunity to catch a glimpse of your hero or partake in some much-needed retail therapy. You can also drool over all of the latest and greatest kit. Oh, and make sure you check out the MBUK stand for some exclusive Fort Bill merchandise and if you’re really lucky, you might get the chance to speak to Jimmer!

Santa Cruz pits at Fort William
Final preparations are made to the Santa Cruz Syndicate's bikes ahead of the finals

FiveTen shoe

New bike from Robot bikes
Aaron Gwin and Jimmer
Super-stylish, amazingly fast and perhaps one of the best riders on the planet right now. And Aaron Gwin

6. The town Fort William town centre transforms into a bustling and lively place to have a good night. If you’re not up for a lairy one, maybe it would be a good idea to stay at home, because the Fort William parties can get pretty wild! Places to check out are The Grog & Gruel, The Maryburgh Inn and The Crofter if you’re after a boozy night. Just watch out for the friendly locals!

7. The racers Putting their reputations, safety and titles on the line, the racers make Fort William a special place to be. No matter who you’re rooting for, there are going to be surprises and great shows of exceptional riding. The crowds always show their appreciation for the competitors, and the roars of applause in the finish line are deafening.

Loic Bruni hits a corner at Fort William

8. The gondola As a special treat for people from the UK, Fort William is one of the few events with a ski lift. The gondola passes directly above the track so is prime for viewing riders hitting up the hill. When you’re at the top you get incredible vistas of mountains and lochs, and it’s certainly something that shouldn’t be missed!

Gondola at Fort WIlliam
The gondola is the best way to get to the top, then enjoy the stroll back down

If you’d like to find out about what goes on behind the scenes at a World Cup, then grab a copy of MBUK 345 to get an access-all-areas report from Fort William. Get the latest issue here.


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