Ed Thomsett, Alex Evans and Jack Malone ride the first straight on Enter The Dragon at BikePark Wales

MBUK’s best BikePark Wales trails – video

We pick our top five BikePark Wales trails so you know which ones to ride first!

Want to know which trails you need to ride at BikePark Wales? We’ve racked our map-like brains to draw up a shortlist of five must-ride tracks that give you the most bang for your buck! The next time you visit BikePark Wales make a beeline for these runs…




A470 Line

A BPW classic – with more jumps and turns than you can shake a stick at, the red plus graded trail isn’t for the faint of heart.



Popty Ping

Commonly mistaken to mean microwave in Welsh, the name Popty Ping is inspired by the blue plus graded trail’s flowy and jumpy line.




Surfin’ Bird

Another red-graded wonder, Surfin’ Bird isn’t your typical bike park trail.



Terry’s Belly

If you’re after speed and and flow, Terry’s Belly is the one for you. It’s even long enough to give you arm pump and we recommend working up to a full run!




Gnarly, fast and bloody good fun. Hotstepper is just as long as Terry’s Belly but much harder, so you’d better be on your toes!


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