Alex Bond rides the Red Bull Hardline in North Wales

Team MBUK's top four feats from 2017

Published: November 24, 2017 at 1:57 pm
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Now that the 2017 season is well and truly over, our team rider Al Bond looks back at his top moments from a year of racing for MBUK



Second place at the Llangollen round of the British Downhill Series

Without a doubt, one of the most gratifying rewards for months and years of hard work is to stand on the podium at a national level downhill race, and our Al managed just that at the BDS in Llangollen, North Wales. Beating everyone but Adam Brayton in the Elite field, Al was only 1.8 seconds off the win. Even though he's a regular on the racing scene, this year he's not done as much as he hoped, so stepping it up to finish just behind one of the top-ranked World Cup riders was a cracking effort!



Racing his first enduro

Enduro racing isn't for the faint of heart, as our Al found out at the 'Ard Rock Enduro. It requires a specific type of fitness – the sort he didn't have! Al had this to say after the event: "It was an awesome weekend and an amazing event, and I’d definitely recommend people get themselves over to it. Just make sure you do the training beforehand!" We reckon Al will be back next year with a few more training miles under his belt...

Alex Bond rides the ard rock enduro on his GT bicycles Sanction
Al Bond is no stranger to a bit of wild riding! Credit: Mick Kirkman



Surviving Red Bull Hardline

If you thought racing the 'Ard Rock or coming second at a national downhill event was tough, then Red Bull Hardline takes things to another level! With jumps and gaps big enough to fit lorries under and sections so steep and slick that touching your brakes is out of the question, our Al stepped up to the challenge to represent MBUK at the UK's hardest race. He reflected on the event in issue 349 of the magazine: "When I first saw the track three years ago, I was blown away by the sheer scale of it. It’s a track down a proper mountain this one, and Affy [Dan Atherton] has sculpted a masterpiece, which makes incredible use of the natural terrain and the raw, rugged beauty of the landscape. Every year, I’m never quite ready for how big everything is. The jumps used to scare me the most, but the weather was so bad this year that the only chance we got to relax a bit was in the air!"



Helping MBUK readers polish their skills

As well as riding for MBUK, Al's had the chance to do quite a bit of writing for the magazine, including giving you, our lovely readers, top tips on how to ride. Because he's a fitness and skills coach, Al is well versed in how to give advice about the skills needed to ride faster with more control and be physically fitter and stronger on your bike.

Grab a copy of issues 344, 346 and 347 to see what he had to say about riding steep sections, technical jumps and rock sections.

Alex Bond rides GT bicycles Fury at Moefre in mid Wales for team MBUK
Al Bond isn't shy to send 'er! Credit: Andy Lloyd

Next year and beyond!

Obviously Al is as excited about next year as we are, so watch this space for announcements about MBUK's 2018 race season...

Alex Bond riding GT Fury at British Downhill Series race for MBUK team
MBUK team rider Al Bond pins it at a BDS. Credit: Ian Lean

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