Vinny T hits the Air Voltage track at Bikepark Chatel.

The best of the net – MBUK’s top 10 videos this month (so far!)

We round up the best bits of the internet so you don't have to!

The internet is a magical and scary place that’s full of interesting and weird videos. Without proper guidance it’s easy to end up watching cats firing laser beams from their eyes. Fear not, though, we’re on hand to bring you the internet’s best, all in one place…




50to01 Wheel Love

This psychedelic, skate-era inspired, down-to-earth film is a masterpiece. With exhilarating riding and feel-good vibes, you’re bound to want to hop on your bike after watching this 30-minute epic!



The Trippin crew ride the GR5 trail

From Geneva in Switzerland to Nice on the Mediterranean coast in France, riding the GR5 trail is a once in a lifetime adventure that takes in some of the most breathtaking views, amazing riding and remote areas of the Alps. Check it out…



Jasper Penton rips his e-bike a new one at Windhill B1kepark

Whoever said e-bikes can’t shred? Jasper proves the doubters wrong aboard a Cannondale Moterra and hits some of the biggest senders in the South West.




Urban downhill with the Dog

Brendan Fairclough and his team of builders made the trip to Mexico to build the Taxco urban downhill track and it looks absolutely bonkers! Would you love to ride this stuff?




Corbet’s Couloir attacked on bikes

Casey Brown and Cam McCaul plummet down the ridiculously steep and snow-filled run that’s normally reserved for skiers. Hitting it for the first time ever on mountain bikes, how did they fare?



Rob Warner talks shop

Rob’s exclusive knowledge of the World Cup scene is virtually unparalleled (just like his banter), so find out what he has to say about the 2017 racing season and what we can expect in 2018…



MBUK’s off-road Welsh coast-to-coast

Joe and Tom’s Welsh coast-to-coast challenge, featured in MBUK 350, is an epic 215-mile ride that has 7,880m of climbing, visits seven different trail centres and normally takes five days to complete. Our boys thought that wasn’t hard enough, so decided to tackle the ride in one go, unsupported and with no sleep. What could possibly go wrong?




Vinny T rides Air Voltage at Bikepark Chatel

This trail is hard enough in the middle of summer when it’s dry and dusty, but for Vinny T it’s no challenge even when it’s covered in snow!



Thomas Vanderham’s The Escape Artist

This is a highly polished, awe-inspiring shreddit, that should get you motivated to send it into the weekend.



The Fellowship of the Party Rings

And now for something completely different! The Dudes of Hazzard love to keep it weird and their latest video is no exception. With a loose plot focused around a sweet biscuit and awesome riding, the Dudes head to the Outer Hebrides to hit some jaw-dropping trails.


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