Vincent Tupin sets up his Scott Galmber in front of the MBUK Wrecking Crew van –

We ride Vincent Tupin’s home trails – GoPro video

We catch up with stylish French sender Vincent Tupin on his home trails in Evian, France, and then try to follow him!

What’s it like following one of the fastest, most flamboyant and stylish riders out there? Turns out it’s pretty wild! Vincent Tupin, who rides for Scott, took MBUK Features Editor Al down one of his home trails right next to Evian on the French-Swiss border. Following Vinny T is hard at the best of times, especially considering he attacks the trails with freeride flicks, wild drifts and insane whips. So, our Al locked onto Vinny T’s back wheel to see how long he could hold on for…


Keep tuned for more on Vinny T in the mag over the coming months. If you want your fix of stylish riders right now, check out issue 346, where we caught up with Bernard Kerr to find out what makes him such an awesome racer and rider.

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