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Published: August 15, 2017 at 9:24 am
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New August issue 346 of MBUK is out now. Featuring Bernard Kerr, a Chilean adventure, trail bike test and more



Bernard Kerr is best known thanks to his ridiculously stylish riding and scarily fast pace between the tapes at World Cup downhill races. Although Bernard could just let his riding do the talking, he's also an outgoing, chatty and extremely nice guy, who's as fast-paced in life as he is on the bike. We sent legendary snapper Steve Behr to catch up with Bernard on his home turf in the Surrey Hills to get an insight into his life and find out exactly why he's such a flamboyant and crazy rider. Find out what our top five Bernard moments are HERE and turn to page 68 in the mag to find out all about our time with him.

Bernard Kerr is a master of whips and scrubs! Credit: Steve Behr
Bernard Kerr is a master of whips and scrubs! Credit: Steve Behr

Chilean adventures

On the other side of the globe, our self-made man of danger and adventure, Dan Milner, found his way to the dramatic and mesmerising backdrop of Patagonia in the name of two-wheeled exploration. Returning to Chile after his first visit 21 years ago, Dan was determined to ride some of the gnarliest and most remote singletrack on offer. Grab a copy of the mag to find out how he got on and whether being braver than most paid off.

The payoff for recce'ing unknown trails is an amazing 1,000m descent. Credit: Dan Milner
The payoff for recceing unknown trails was an amazing 1,000m descent. Credit: Dan Milner

Steel City Downhill – the one-minute wonder

Staff Writer Ed couldn't resist an action-packed weekend riding with some of the most motivated and fun-loving individuals on the riding scene, so he headed north to Sheffield. The city hosts the annual Steel City Downhill race started by legendary pro rider Steve Peat. Although the hill isn't the biggest nor the gnarliest in the area, the event captures the vibe that Sheffield has become known for in the mountain bike world. Grab a copy of the mag to find out more about Ed's time 'oop North!

Peaty is synonymous with the riding in Sheffield and is a legend to boot! Credit: Duncan Philpott
Peaty is synonymous with the riding in Sheffield and is a legend to boot! Credit: Duncan Philpott

Kick-ass trail bikes

If you're in the market for a trail bike then we've got you covered! With very few manufacturers producing bikes that won't put a smile on your face these days, this bike test was one of the most hotly contested of recent times. With a suspension travel limit of 130mm and a top-whack price of £2,799, the four trail-munching machines we've tested this month offer a lot of bang for your buck. Flick to page 110 of the magazine to read the in-depth test and find out what came out on top.

We test 130mm travel trail bikes in this month's bike test. Credit: Steve Behr
We test 130mm-travel trail bikes in this month's Biketest. Credit: Steve Behr

How To, Wrecking Crew and Big Ride

There's also a wealth of other content in the mag. Learn how to hit technical jumps like a pro with MBUK team rider Alex Bond, survive the Alps during your annual getaway and make the most of dry and dusty summer trails. The MBUK Wrecking Crew have been to Glentress in the Tweed Valley to ride some of the best trails in the UK, and Max Darkins, our Big Ride guru, has planned routes across the country for you to enjoy. Grab a copy of the mag to find out more...

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