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Published: October 10, 2017 at 8:10 am
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New issue of MBUK (348) is out now, featuring an attempt at Everesting with a twist, why being a pro rider is awesome, a ride through Indian tea plantations and 2018's hottest kit, plus loads more!

Everest in a day

Everesting is the act of ascending the equivalent height of the world's highest mountain in one continuous attempt, although in a slightly less hostile location more suited to bikes. Our Features Editor, Alex, decided the Pleney mountain, which towers some 500m above Morzine in the French Alps, would be an ideal location to try his Everest attempt. And, if trying to ascend just under 9,000m in one day wasn't hard enough, Al had to ride back down the gnarly and flat-out Pleney downhill trail, descending the same amount that he ascended. To help out a little, Al enlisted the aid of a Cannondale e-bike, which was a good job, seeing as he needed to ride up and down the mountain 19 times to reach his ascending and descending goal! Check out some of the highlights from his attempt here:


2018's most wanted bikes and kit – Eurobike

We trudged along the maze-like corridors of the world's biggest bike show so you didn't have to! Tech Ed Rob Weaver has separated the wheat from the chaff to bring you 22 of the hottest products on show. We hope you've got tissues ready, 'cuz you're going to be frothing at the mouth when you look over all of this kit. Turn to page 61 to find out what we've included...

Eurobike Haibike stand
Eurobike has more bikes (and people) than you can shake a stick at! Our Rob managed to find the cream of the crop just for you. Credit: Eurobike Friedrichshafen

It's the little things that count

Becoming a pro mountain biker won't fast-track you to riches, but it's certainly a move in the right direction from storing loads of old mouldy kit in the back of a clapped-out estate car! We caught up with Oli Carter, who's been on the UK enduro and downhill scene for years as a privateer but has now made the step up to being a fully-paid rider. We asked him what it's like to be living the dream. For a behind-the-scenes look at the photoshoot, check out the video below:

Mountains of tea

Fancy a cuppa, old chap? Dan Milner takes to the mountainous slopes of Southern India's tea plantations to see how the century-old trails fare under modern mountain bike wheels. As it turns out, India is a country loaded with adventure, and between the humid weather, bone-shaking uplifts, chaotic traffic and highly-spiced curries, Dan has his work cut out! Will he find the ultimate trail? Grab a copy of the mag to find out.

More like this
Trail riding in India with Dan Milner for MBUK
An unlikely, but stunning, place to find mountain bike trails – Dan Milner explores ancient routes in Southern India to see how they fare under two wheels. Credit: Dan Milner

Wind Hill B1kepark, Wiltshire

The MBUK Wrecking Crew rolled into the Longleat Estate, famous for its safari park, to sample some exotic and freshly-built trails at Wind Hill. Nestled away in a corner of the estate, the bike park boasts seven trails of varying difficulty and a quick-draining surface, with a good mix of natural and manmade riding. Grab a copy of the mag to read all about our adventure at Wiltshire's newest riding spot.

Ed Thomsett and Alex Evans ride Wind Hill B1kepark on the Longleat Estate in Wiltshire in the sunshine
MBUK staffers Ed and Al really enjoyed the flowing trails and fun jumps at Wind Hill B1kepark. Credit: Russell Burton

First rides, How To and much more!

MBUK's crack team of bike testers swing a leg over Swarf's new Contour trail bike, Vitus's Sommet enduro machine and DMR's Sled. Flick to page 36 to find out what we thought of them! We reveal the moves behind four essential (and fun!) riding skills in the How To section on page 121. Plus, we review four affordable trail bikes, test loads of kit and have all of the latest gossip and news from the MTB scene.

Lee Carter rides Identiti Mettle bike on an MBUK photoshoot for a scandi flick how to
Identiti rider Lee Carter flicks his back wheel out to help you master the Scandi flick. Credit: Roo Fowler

One more thing!

On top of all of this great content, we're also giving away a free MBUK mudguard with every issue of the mag!

MBUK mudguard
An MBUK mudguard is free with this issue of the mag! Credit: Alex Evans

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Alex Evans is BikeRadar's mountain bike technical editor. He started racing downhill at the tender age of 11 before going on to compete across Europe. Alex moved to Morzine in the French Alps at 19 to pursue a career as a bike bum and clocked up an enormous amount of riding. Riding those famous tracks day in, day out for eight years, he broke more bikes than he can remember. Alex then moved back to the UK and put his vast knowledge of mountain biking to good use by landing a job working for MBUK magazine as features editor. Since working for MBUK, Alex's focus has moved to bike tech. He's one of BikeRadar's lead testers, knows how to push bikes and products to the limit, and wants to search out the equipment that represents the best value for money. Alex is also a regular on the BikeRadar Youtube channel and BikeRadar podcast.


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